Am I addicted to the Internet?

Boy, this topic is one that I have been on for a while now. My youngest son was constantly in front of his computer or video screens and it began to affect his personality and eventually his health. I agree with Tony Dokoupil assessment of the effects of too much interaction through the Internet. It can become a compulsive excessive disorder (OCD), which my son has been diagnosed with. I truly believe that his constant preoccupation with the Internet and computer games has contributed to his malady. When we are constantly on the Internet we are disconnected from the realities of everyday life. We don’t have much social interaction with others in a personal and intimate way. When this is left unchecked, we start to become disconnected from others and society. “Reactive psychosis”, a form of temporary insanity, which Russell was diagnosed with, is something that probably millions more suffer with, but don’t realize it or won’t seek help. I really liked the article and I hope it will help others who need to break free from this problem.


WEB 2.0

What it means is that we can connect with someone or a company through the Web instantly! We can share with a friend on Facebook; purchase a pair of shoes after viewing them on a webpage. Web 2.0 allows users to collaborate and interact together in a social media dialogue. Earlier websites were written H.T.M.L., which was intended to define the structure or design of a web document. More and more elements, such as how the content would be formatted. As the author states, form and content had become inseparable. Because of the development of Digital Text, form and content can now be separate. XML now enables us to export data or information without any formatting constraints. This changes everything since form is separate from content, users don’t need code to upload content on the Web. XML enables any user to be able to exchange data. We, the users, have created a database-backed web. Web 2.0 is about linking or bringing people together that would never meet or interact other wise. The serious side to all of this is copyright infringement, authorship, identity, ethics, aesthetics, rhetorics, governance, privacy, commerce, and family.

I am Howard Hawkins and I’m considering becoming a writer/copywriter as one of my choices for graphic design in advertising. As a copywriter, I know I will be responsible for writing, editing and proofing messages and story copy for print and other interactive projects. I took the courses Typography and Creative Concepts, and Copywriting. I really enjoy working with type and characters, and fonts. My major is Graphic Design in Advertising, and am looking forward to a career as either a freelance designer or working together with a group of other designers within a firm. I also have an interest in Marketing and would be seeking business opportunities for clients and entrepreneurs through graphic design.