I like the fact that Steve Jobs was being recognized, and that it gave people an avenue or convenient way of contributing to pancreatic cancer. I guess even after his death, Steve Jobs persona was still affecting his generation and the world. On a personal note, I’d never heard of Steve Jobs until I heard of his death. My question was, who the heck is Steve Jobs? And why the big fuss? I learned through his death that we’re aren’t here on this planet very long, and what we do will only be remembered if it impacts others in a positive or negative way. You know, I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life, and had many trying times, but what really matters is how we made a difference in the world. Life was meant to be lived with purpose! Without it, life doesn’t make much sense.



  1. jessie says:

    This was interesting. I wonder how successful it was in its sales. It was cool how they did it and how it serves as a reminder to take a moment and reflect. I enjoyed reading your response, Howard.

  2. It is cool, I hope when I leave this earth someone does this for me. Moreover, I wonder if they’ll do this for other people who’ve come and gone that really made an impact to this world. It’s also neat how they used the “Apple” programs to build the site–this will also be a timepiece, because the Apple web builder will soon be extinct (statement found on Communication Arts)

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