Future of periodicals (magazines and newspapers) in the digital age

New York Times

I am pursuing an Associates degree in Advertising Design. I plan to graduate in the spring of this year. As a consumer, I think what is going on is wonderful. I have access to unlimited volume and instead of having to approach a seller about what I want or need, they already know it, it also drives the prices down. Companies already know what I’m thinking; they already know what I’m going to purchase next. It’s like they are living in the next room. Information to the consumer is so dynamic. As a consumer, there is so much information with out having to search for it.

As a graphic designer in advertising, I see an unlimited, but uncertain future. I think in anything that you do you have to adapt to change and evolution. On line flirting? It makes me blush. I guess it means that Typography will dominate the future of what the Web becomes.

It seems that digital is the wave of the future, and those, including us designers, who don’t catch it will be left behind. I believe as a designer, our opportunities will only increase in the future. One thing is for certain, advertising is here to stay, but as far as a physical newspaper or book, these things will become obsolete!


One thought on “Future of periodicals (magazines and newspapers) in the digital age

  1. dobsonjessie says:

    It seems that adapting to the way things are going is our only option as designers, otherwise we risk being left behind. I like things in print, and like having the option to choose if I want to read my information in print or on the web, but as a designer I won’t let my personal preference keep me from learning design for the web.

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