skeuomorphism: from what I read, it is the use of web design in the design of a web page that makes a design appear real, like the wood grain in a picture frame, or an aquarium made to look like real glass. I don’t understand designers harsh feelings about the topic. I guess they’re concerned about the changes to the Web and the way the Web is constantly changing. It seems that certain designs and styles are no longer necessary or needed to make a web page useful. If something is working, I don’t understand the point of doing away with it.


4 thoughts on “skeuomorphism

  1. dobsonjessie says:

    I don’t understand the harsh reactions either. I understand some of it isn’t necessary, but it isn’t something that is going to keep me up at night or keep me from using a certain product. I also agree with you: why change what works?

  2. I think it’s ironic too how the the first GUI was based on the subject…Using icons that were familiar to help user navigate easily

  3. freeman14 says:

    The argument being made is that if a designer can use such talents to make something look like a texture in real life, then why not use that talent to create something groundbreaking & new?

    • Howard says:

      I agree, there is only so many ways to eat an egg! Design, especially web design takes on so much of a persona these days. Everyone one can’t be like Steve jobs. But I am a fan of Apple Computers.

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