Life in the Air Force

Blog Topic for Week 5

Communications Arts Magazine

Life in the Air Force


I thought the opening page with the miniature videos was a terrific idea. It grabs your attention immediately and gives you a quick insight into some of the advantages of being in the Air Force. The site navigation links are easily accessible and take you to other informative and interesting web pages. I like the options at the bottom of the page that allows you to “view by category”. I also like the “base locator” located in the footer. I really like the box at the bottom on the lower right that allows you to view a synopsis and also view categories such as internships, school, child care, and jobs for spouses. The overall start page is set up well and easily navigational.       


2 thoughts on “Life in the Air Force

  1. kmg2335 says:

    It is a surprisingly advanced page for the Air Force. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised though; it is critical that they appeal to young people who might potentially enlist. However, the automatic playing of audio is simply annoying. It’s just a bad idea that rips the person away from the content and sends them scrambling to find a way to stop the unexpected, and usually unwanted, noise. At least that’s my reaction.

  2. kcarbaugh says:

    I looked at this one also. I like the timeline grid on the first page with wakeup to what can go on in a military day. They did a good job of drawing your attention.

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