I like the fact that Steve Jobs was being recognized, and that it gave people an avenue or convenient way of contributing to pancreatic cancer. I guess even after his death, Steve Jobs persona was still affecting his generation and the world. On a personal note, I’d never heard of Steve Jobs until I heard of his death. My question was, who the heck is Steve Jobs? And why the big fuss? I learned through his death that we’re aren’t here on this planet very long, and what we do will only be remembered if it impacts others in a positive or negative way. You know, I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life, and had many trying times, but what really matters is how we made a difference in the world. Life was meant to be lived with purpose! Without it, life doesn’t make much sense.


CMS (Content Management System)

A web content management system (WCMS or Web CMS) is a content management system (CMS) software, usually implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions.



CMS (Content Management System) for the web is a soft ware system that provides users with a limited amount of experience with web programing to create and operate websites. Most users don’t know about HTML or CSS. It assists the average user with the ability to manage documents and output for the Internet.

          There are several things that I like about WordPress. The first being we’ve had experience with it, and I like the options they offer and the ease of use. The core software is built by commnity volunteers. They offer thousands of plugins and themes for website design. Some of the featured plugins are BuddyPress, which is used for social networking. There is a Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox that will enable you to display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like. WordPress also provides a preview button so you can see what the site theme will look like before you download it. There are also many themes to choose from and the HTML and CSS, and other documents are already setup for the user. And the most important point is that the system is free. The target user would be anyone who wants to advertise their business, non-profit organization, or anyone who’s just staring out in some venture who needs exposure to potential clients and consumers, but has little experience with the web and how it’s structured. 


“A suitable web host for your small museum’s website”

After viewing and investigating several sites I chose The plan I selected is the iPage Essential Plan. The rate seems reasonable, and after 90 days it only rises one dollar per month. Also they offer a one-year plan that is $2.60 more per month after the first 90 days. I liked the fact that they have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth. They have a 24/7 Phone, Chat and Email Support. iPage’s System Administration team monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure my site is up and running at continuously. This is important because sometimes sites can go off line at any moment. They also offer a free online store, a free blog, a free SiteLock security suite, and free domain registration. The fact that they have instructional Beginner Ready Tools for someone who has no programming or HTML experience is a plus. The online stores and selling tools will open windows of opportunities for e-commerce and museum visits for profit. iPage also offers up to $175 in marketing advertising. The unlimited bandwidth feature is an important feature, and it ensures that they’re site will always be operating at peak efficiency.



Future of periodicals (magazines and newspapers) in the digital age

New York Times

I am pursuing an Associates degree in Advertising Design. I plan to graduate in the spring of this year. As a consumer, I think what is going on is wonderful. I have access to unlimited volume and instead of having to approach a seller about what I want or need, they already know it, it also drives the prices down. Companies already know what I’m thinking; they already know what I’m going to purchase next. It’s like they are living in the next room. Information to the consumer is so dynamic. As a consumer, there is so much information with out having to search for it.

As a graphic designer in advertising, I see an unlimited, but uncertain future. I think in anything that you do you have to adapt to change and evolution. On line flirting? It makes me blush. I guess it means that Typography will dominate the future of what the Web becomes.

It seems that digital is the wave of the future, and those, including us designers, who don’t catch it will be left behind. I believe as a designer, our opportunities will only increase in the future. One thing is for certain, advertising is here to stay, but as far as a physical newspaper or book, these things will become obsolete!


skeuomorphism: from what I read, it is the use of web design in the design of a web page that makes a design appear real, like the wood grain in a picture frame, or an aquarium made to look like real glass. I don’t understand designers harsh feelings about the topic. I guess they’re concerned about the changes to the Web and the way the Web is constantly changing. It seems that certain designs and styles are no longer necessary or needed to make a web page useful. If something is working, I don’t understand the point of doing away with it.

Life in the Air Force

Blog Topic for Week 5

Communications Arts Magazine

Life in the Air Force


I thought the opening page with the miniature videos was a terrific idea. It grabs your attention immediately and gives you a quick insight into some of the advantages of being in the Air Force. The site navigation links are easily accessible and take you to other informative and interesting web pages. I like the options at the bottom of the page that allows you to “view by category”. I also like the “base locator” located in the footer. I really like the box at the bottom on the lower right that allows you to view a synopsis and also view categories such as internships, school, child care, and jobs for spouses. The overall start page is set up well and easily navigational.       

Shepard Fairey

It seems Shepard Fairey”s work, which included the word “Protect”, has infringed upon a copyrighted work that he did not create. Fairey is claiming that his Hope poster of Barack Obama, which was originally copied from a photo of the president in which Obama was seated next to George Clooney, is his work and believes that he has the rights to it. Fairey states that his use of the photo was legal and is consistent within the parameters of fair use. Fairey ‘s lawyers have made it known that they are no longer representing him. On February 24, 2012 Fairey pleaded guilty for contempt of court for destroying evidence in the case against him. It is evident that Fairey infringed on someone else’s work. My feeling on this is that he should have obtained permission before he used someone else’s work. I think what he did was in good taste, but he should have gone through the decency of obtaining the right to use it.